Diabetology :

Department of Diabetes is a specialized centre in Saraswathi Hospital, Coimbatore.

Excellence in patient care is a primary interest of all departmental personnel. Direct care is provided for the patients in our department while they are at the Department. The department will provide complete hormonal healthcare to patients in an ethical way, at an affordable cost. Our goal is to provide services in a compassionate, caring manner, while maintaining the highest professional standards. With Saraswathi Hospital having multidisciplinary team, we work hand-in-hand to provide complete care for the patients.

Education will be provided to Diabetic patients to change their life style. They will be advised to follow diet advice. Diabetic patients will be asked to take food rich in fibre. They will be allowed to take unlimited amount of vegetables and greens.

Diabetic patients will be advised to avoid sedentary life and to be active with the policy “Move to Live”. These patients are asked to have a walk for at least one hour. We will not allow some patients to walk. So all patients should consult doctors to confirm whether they are eligible to walk.

Retinopathy and nephropathy patients are not allowed weight lifting.

We conduct continuing medical education programs to disseminate information about diabetes management to physicians and other health care professionals. We ensure to provide completely different experience from most medical sites: it is meant to be informal and comfortable – but scientifically accurate.