ENT - Ear Nose Throat :

Fact about your Voice :

The human voice is extraordinary, sensitive and complex. It is able to convey not only subtle emotional nuances, but also complex intellectual concepts. That’s the beauty and uniqueness of the human voice. The LARNYX or Voice Box or The Vocal Cords are the most important organs of voice production along with the muscles of the throat, neck, lung, abdominal muscles, Pharynx and Nasal Cavity.

Technological advances, scientific discovery and new medical technologies in Ear, Nose and Throat surgery and voice medicine has led to new levels of expertise and Dramatic improvement of the level of care available for every patient with voice problem.

Voice Disorders :

Early identification of throat cancer, head ache and sinus disorders, ear discharge, hearing loss, giddiness are to name a few which can be dealt using endoscopy. The most common forms of voice disorders Hoarseness – it is a harsh, scratchy, rough voice caused by abnormity of vibrating edges of the vocal cords.

Voice - Facts & Figures :

Voice fatigue (weakness) is inability of a person to phonate for a long time, without change in voice quality. This specially occurs in Actors, Singers and is caused by incorrect use of abdominal and neck muscles or voice abuse (loud singing, talking or shouting). Vocal fatigue may be a sign of a more serious disease such as myasthenia gravis.